Bio: Salford Born Kenneth James is an award winning filmmaker/Photographer. who Specialises in Directing, cinematography, editing, Portrait photography and BTS Production stills. Kenneth has over 13+ years of experience in short and feature films and 10+ years of Photography Experience. Kenneth as well actively works at various Film Festivals around the greater Manchester area as Guest liaison/Festival Photographer. Kenneth has made over 24+ short films in under the span of 10 years. His recent achievement was winning 3 awards for his recent short film "Squeak". which was writted, shot and edited in a 48hr film event for Map48.7 2022.
🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2022 - Best Film
(“Squeak” - Short Film)
🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2022 - Best Use of Prop
(Hula hoop - “Squeak” Short Film) 

🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2022 - Best Actor
(Patrick Scott Jeffries - “Squeak” Short film) 
🏆 Historic England: Picturing Lockdown Collection Selection 2020: 
('A Majestic Blackbird' - A Blackbird on a sunlit branch in the woods during the Covid-19 lockdown)
 🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2018 - Best Film
(“Frame of Mind” - Short Film)
🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2018 - Best Edited Film
(“Frame of Mind” - Short Film) 
🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2017 - Spirit of the Event Award.
(Murder Amongst Peers - Short Film)
 🏆 M.A.P 48hr 2017 - Best Actor
(Sam Twyman - “Murder Amongst Peers” Short Film)
🏆 Bokeh_Yeah! 2016 - Best Film
(“Osprey by Gillian Clarke” - Short Film)
🏆 Raindance On Tour Regional Winner (Northwest) 2014 -
(“Crossed Wires” - Short Film
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